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Long time no see …

I can’t believe it has been almost 5 month since my last post. I did a lot of contract work, which of course is great because it pays the bills but on the other side I didn’t have time to work on my own projects or post on my blog.

Especially my latest app “Words don’t come easy” is in need of an update. The app did surprisingly good, considering there was almost no marketing (good in this case means it made more than 1$). It’s not that didn’t try any marketing.  I mailed a lot of sites asking for a review but never got an answer. The few people that replied charged for a review, which I think is absolutely stupid but that’s apparently how it’s going. I refrained from paying for a review.

I’d like to give some information on how “Words don’t come easy” performed in the past month. I released the app for following app stores:

  • Google Play (free with AdMob ads)
  • Amazon Appstore (free with Admob ads)
  • SlideMe (free with Admob ads)
  • and the Barned&Noble Nook store (0.99$)

The app performed best on SlideMe where the app was downloaded over 600 times and worst on the Amazon Appstore.

I made 31.03$ from app sales on the Nook store and 32.13$ from ads on AdMob. So my total revenue for “Words don’t come easy” from Nov. ’12 until now is 63.16$!  Apparently I have reached the end of the monetization stream since only a few cents come in per day, if any.

Most people who played my game had problems understanding the mechanics. Most word games are played by swiping over a set of letters to form words. In “Words don’t come easy” the player has to move each tile individually to form words.

If a player does not grasp the concept of a game in the first minutes he loses interest and usually does not give the game a second chance. That is why my active user count differs so much from the app installation count.

Although I give a detailed description on how to play the game in the “howto” screen of the app, I should have also made a short gameplay video. Not everybody likes to read howto-texts to play a game.

Furthermore there was a bug on certain Android devices which prevented the “howto” and “about” screens to display correctly. Leaving those screen with an empty white box.

I am currently working on an update, which will fix a few bugs, show a gameplay video and will include a global highscore list. I don’t think that the app will perform much better revenue wise but I still like to give it a more polished look and feel.

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