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Post Panda Impact

Since early 2011 Google has been introducing several updates to their search algorithm which all run under the name of “Panda”. The main purpose of these updates is to improve the search results quality by lowering the rank of sites with so called “shallow” content and raise the rank of high-quality sites. Panda had a huge impact on search results, especially on search engine optimized niche sites. These sites higher rank usually based on spun, reused article and a lot of low quality backlinks. After Panda these sites just plummeted in the search results.

A ton of articles have been written about Panda and about which strategy to use after Google implemented the updates but of all I liked Amit Singhal’s blog post on the Google Webmaster Blog the most. He basically asks a bunch of questions which give you a rough indication on how Google defines a high quality site.

No rocket science, just common sense … 🙂

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