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Nexus 10 Tablet Not Turning On

I recently bought a Google Nexus 10 tablet. Although I find it a bit heavy I really like the Nexus 10 and I needed a 10″ testing device. Since my testing is usually done during the day I tend to turn it off whenever I leave office. Last time I did that, the device was almost fully charged. Two days later I wanted to turn it on again but nothing happened. I tried holding the power button for some time and even went through all reset methods described here but to no avail. Even though I was certain that the battery load was not the issue, I charged it for several hours but not with the original charger (it was a 1.2A charger).

When connected to the charger the display would at least show the battery symbol in the center of the display (although the battery image indicated that it was fully charged). After almost 10 hours of charging the only difference was that the battery symbol would illuminate as if the display would wake up but only to go dark again. My last hope was trying a more powerful charger (the original charger is for U.S. outlets and I didn’t have an adapter at hand). So I charged it the whole night with a 2A charger and on the next morning my Google Nexus came back to life.

The question now is why was the battery so low even though I turned the tablet off when it was almost fully charged and is it really so hard to display a red battery symbol when the tablet is running low on power??

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