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Nokia Lumia 800

Check out the new Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 800 at the Windows Team Blog.

Looks nice …

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Update in the Microsoft Marketplace Payout Process for Foreign Developers

As all app marketplaces Microsoft’s cut for every sale is 30%. But non-us residents had to also pay taxes in the U.S. in addition to the taxes in their own country. So their payout would be far less than 70%.

One way to get around this was to apply for a U.S. IRS individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN, W7-Form) and then send a certificate of foreign status of beneficial owner for United States tax withholding (W8-Form) to Microsoft. The whole process used to be a pain in the back but as of August that has changed. Microsoft only asks for the W8-Form without the ITIN.

So for everyone living outside the U.S. who has not applied for an ITIN yet must now only fill out the W8-Form which can be found here and send it to Microsoft:

Microsoft – Windows Phone Marketplace
Attn: Finance Department
29011 Commerce Center Drive
Valencia, CA 91355

The whole FAQ regarding the Microsoft Marketplace can be found here.

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Microsoft Windows Phone Developer Update Event

Microsoft is currently hosting another Windows Phone event for developers named  “Developer-Update: Everything about Windows Phone ‘Mango’”. While the first event was a general introduction to the Windows Phone 7 platform, this event highlighted the specific changes in the “Mango” update.

As last time it was an all-day event and again it was completely free. I attended the event in Bad Homburg, Germany where it was held by Karsten Samaschke who was also responsible for the first Windows Phone 7 event.

The main topics were:

  • Silverlight 4
  • Networking
  • Multitasking
  • Mixing of Silverlight and XNA
  • Databases
  • Microsoft AdCenter usage outside of the United States

There was also a change in the name of the platform. It is not called Windows Phone 7 anymore. The correct name now is Windows Phone. While the SDK is released under version number 7.1 the Mango update’s version is 7.5.

The event itself was again very informative but compared to the first one it was more commercial. A representative from HTC was present who introduced the two new HTC Mango phones “Radar” and “Titan” for about 20 minutes.

Again, I can only recommend any Windows Phone developer to visit one these free events. You might probably know most of the things mentioned there but it’s a good way to ask questions about Microsoft’s plans for the future and changes they are going to plan.

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Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Testkit

Developing for WP7.1 (Mango)? Then checkout the new Marketplace Testkit which is a set of Testscripts that makes sure your app is accepted. The pre-release documentation can be found here.

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Microsoft WP7 Developer Workshop …

On Monday I attended a Microsoft workshop for WP7 developers which was held in Microsoft’s office in Bad Homburg, Germany. The workshop gave an overview over the most important topics (data storage, location based services, marketplace, etc.) regarding development for the Windows Phone 7 platform.  It was a one day workshop from 9 am to 5.30 pm.

First of all I have to mention that the whole workshop was free which I thought was really cool but I admit I had a few concerns. The first thing that came to my mind was the fact that maybe the content quality might correlate with the fact that the workshop was for free (e.g. that it would be more of a propaganda event than being educational or informative). Furthermore it looks like Microsoft is desperately struggling for developer since WP7 is still way behind iOS and Android and they have to allure developers with free events. Well, in my opinion they are way behind and they have to allure developers. And it’s exactly the right thing to do for someone in their position, namely giving out as much information as possible.

The workshop was very professional and informative. It was held by freelancer Karsten Samaschke who by the way is not a Microsoft employee. Also present was Microsoft’s technical evangelist Frank Prengel who answered a lot of technical and organizational questions and gave out a lot of inside information regarding WP7 and the upcoming update “Mango”.

For me the event was very beneficial and I definitely recommend this event to everyone who is thinking about developing for WP7 and even to everyone who already is.

Additional information in German can be found at:


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