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Log Output for Huawei Ideos X3

I got myself an Android dev phone from Huawei. The Ideos X3 is a simple but yet feature-full Android device and since a local coffee shop (yup, no kidding) is selling it for 49€ I went ahead and bought it.

After testing a few of my apps on the device I realized that the LogCat was empty. I thought that it was the common LogCat problem when you have more that one device or emulator running but apparently it was something else. After googling a bit I found this very useful thread on xda-developer that reveils a secret service menu with a lot of options.
Just dial


and enable kernel logging.


  1. Dog

    It’s hidden in “Background settings”. Reboot needed afterwards 😉

  2. kio

    Thanks for this. I had enabled dev mode on my IdeosX3 and wanted to disable it, but the formerly used number did no longer work. The old number was “*#*#8246513#*#*”. Now the best: I was puzzled because the ‘visual memory’ of the dialed number was wrong. Your number, “*#*#2846579#*#*” had the right visual impression! I’m shure with some update the keypad was flipped from ‘1’ in bottom left to ‘1’ in top left corner. So the number changed, but the keys to dial remained the same!

    • A. Banani

      I’m glad it worked out for you …

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